Does Language Play Roles of Equal Importance in Different Areas of Knowledge?

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  • Published : April 20, 2009
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Language to me, is defined as a form of communication using words, letters, signs and symbols and bodily gestures in the form of art, music, english, history, mathematics, science, ethics and various other areas in which language is employed in. It is essential for getting by in the world and for effective communication.

Taking history for example; History as we all know is written by the victor. Language employed by victors is always subjective ' in other words, there are several perspectives and hence there can be several outcomes, depending on how the language is perceived by people. This theory can be further proved when we look at interpretation, which determines how our ultimate perception will be. As we all know, historical meanings in the form of art, music, mosaics or mere words are interpreted in several different forms of language by many people around the world and hence language is key in this as several translations must be made in order to effectively bring across the essence or true meaning of the historical piece. Now, this in itself may seem a contradiction to the fact that History is subjective as there cannot be one true essence or a true meaning as such as there are countless interpretations. This just goes to show that the very translations remove the essence of the historical piece altogether, which leads us to understand that history is in fact, subjective because although only one event may have taken place in the past, in the modern day, there may be many interpretations of it. Another noticeable and possibly ‘liberal’, if I may, trait of History is that it looks at everything from every perspective. There is no right or wrong and is thus a broad and open-minded subject which is open to debate. Language is always paramount to learning history and never irrelevant to it. For example, if we want to learn about the Holocaust and we read about it from the...
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