Does Higher Education Lead to Financial Success?

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Does higher education lead to financial success?

Some people think that people can get the financial success with a higher education. However, I believe that a higher education is not exactly accord with the financial success not only because pursuing a practical career is more crucial factor but also because all the people with higher education cannot get higher pay.

To begin with, building a career is more important factor for the success than getting a high level education. I concede that people, who have a bachelor’s degree hold better career options compared those who have high school diploma; however, in a long term, by accumulating practical knowledge, people who are not with higher education can become a successful expert faster in fields, where they want to be involved in. Moreover, as they are getting practical professional know-how and pursuing a career in a long time, they will help companies financially, and also can be moved upward quickly. Therefore, people who don’t have college degree can earn higher incomes.

On top of that, college graduates cannot always get a success. Although people entrance into the university, many of them cannot find their aptitude and cannot make decision what they will do after graduation. After that, they get a job which they are not interested in even if they wander all over fields during their college years. In addition, deficiency of interest and passion for the work causes low performance and it can affect to the annual salary. On the other hand, people committing to one job tend to be content their works because they choose specific field where they eager to be involved, instead of going to college. The satisfaction and passion influence to the better performance, then people who without college degree can make larger earnings.

To sum up, building actual experience is more influential to make high incomes; also, people without high education degree can get higher pay than those with higher education...
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