Topics: Academic degree, University, Higher education Pages: 4 (1952 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Giovanni Moreno
English 1A
July 5, 2012

A College Degree Leads to the Road of Success

How difficult is it to succeed without a college degree? It is extremely difficult, In fact, not all of us are as fortunate like Willy Aybar, Tyra Banks, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Michael Dell or Bill Gates. These well-known wealthy individuals are high school or college dropouts, who achieved success without a degree. Why? Well, because they all had a talent and pursued it until they accomplished their desired goal. They too worked as hard as a student attending college wanting to succeed. The only difference between these students and successful dropouts is that their knowledge derived from life experiences and not a textbook. However, the odds of a high school or college dropout to reach wealth without a college degree are remarkably slim. According to the Census Bureau of Eduction individuals with a degree are more likely to succeed in life, prosper in wealth, and accumulate self-pride. Therefore, in today’s society, education is a crucial part of life and essential for success. I believe education is worth the investment, therefore, all students should obtain a college degree in order to reach a higher level of success, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Obtaining a college degree is becoming a must in today’s society; it has served students as a guide to a better life and exposed various opportunities for a successful future. Many high school graduates chase the path towards college, often without knowing what to expect and what exactly is their necessity in college. However by stepping into the college zone they have achieved the first serious step to the road of success. The road in which all college student accommodate new skills, new habits and are prepared, physically and mentally. For example, besides academics in every grade level you learn  functions. In grade school, we learn the foundations of recces time, working with others,...
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