Does Advertising Has Negative Effect on Teenagers?

Topics: Advertising, Tobacco advertising, Adolescence Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Does advertising has negative effect on teenagers?
In the simplest sense the word “advertising” means “drawing attention to something” or notifying or informing somebody of something(Dyer 1982).These days, advertising could be found everywhere, no matter you are watching television, surfing the internet or even travelling on public transports. These producers aimed at selling more of their products through advertising without consider the kind of messages they have sent out to the consumers, especially to the teenagers. In this essay, we are going to discuss the negative effect brought by advertising to the teenagers. Many of the advertisements have given out negative and incorrect information to the teenagers. Exaggerated advertising are easy to find throughout the society. Although not all advertisings affect the adolescents negatively, many adolescents have been contaminated by advertisings. The advertisements provided by some slimming and personal beauty companies are typical examples showing the negative effects of advertising on teenagers. Stinson(2003) have found that teenagers nowadays are trying to achieve unhealthy thin as promoted by the slimming and personal beauty companies. It is common for teenagers to see advertisements about slimming, personal beauty as well as cosmetic products when they flip through newspapers and magazines. According to these advertisings, beautiful women that defined by the society should be young, thin, fit, white, and has a shiny, white smile while men should be super-fit, firm, and full of muscles(Stinson2003). All these advertisings are trying to create ideal images for both men and women in the society that teenagers should try to achieve. In the mean time, they are also trying to persuade people that everyone should follow this trend in order to be a trendy person and welcomed by the society. The image that everyone should be unhealthy slim could be easily found throughout Hong Kong as the promotional effect are made...
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