Sociology of Consumption

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Sociology of Consumption

The main theme of the Twentieth Century’s advertising is gender role. Human body and sexuality is used in advertising to sell all kind of products. Gender role is an ideology that is used as a concept in advertising to attract the attention from audience because it gives clear direction to people. The idea that thin is everywhere, and is hardly escapable from the advertising industry. We live in a world of stick thin models and emaciated celebrities. Magazines cover advertise “Best and worst bodies” and “Too thin for TV”. Weekly tabloids feature stories on who has lost the most weight and who needs to cover up. Television ads promote the greatness of the diet pills; energy drinks that can speed up your metabolism, and newest Master Cleanser diet that will help you lose ten pounds in two days. And although the messages are damaging and often untrue, women everywhere are suffering the consequences of constant exposure to overly thin models and movie stars.

In Susan Bordo’s essay Hunger as ideology, she illustrates how advertisements, both modern and dated, use the transformation of women into objects of sexual desire to appeal to their target audience. She explains the most effective methods of transformation include the use of proactive images or situations, including the clothing and body positions of the models in the advertisement. Bordo argues that gender ideology is reflected in food advertisements. She begins her essay with an evaluation of the role that cultural standards about appetite size play on food advertisements. She notes a difference in the way advertisements depict men’s and women’s respective controls of their appetites. Bordo believes that women are portrayed as needing to have control over themselves; men, on the other hand are encouraged to show control over others.

Bordo unmasks the present messages by the media and society and the expectations and pressures on females during the Victorian age. She...
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