Topics: World War II, Invention, Discovery Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Andres Prieto
20 of January of 2013
Giorgio Paolo Natale SánchezA01018914
Homework 1

Important events in human history

1) The war: I believe that the invention of war is the most important event in all the human history because the war is a phenomenon that humans have practiced since the beginning of times. I mean, in all the centuries of human evolution we have get invention, aspiration, and War; always war, and then we get progress. I know that it is not the best thing humans have invented but if we start thinking a little bit, war, does not bring just suffering and pain to the people but also it had helped to improve technologies, to unify us, etc. Let me give an example, because of world war II, humans invented a lot of things, and also they got new theories or ideas to act better. Another example may be all the invasions that the Spanish made, I know that they bring slavery, suffer, pain, racism and tones bad things to the places they conquered but also they give them new tech, new food, new medicine and they start to discover our planet the way we know it. In conclusion because of war, humans had fight and kill each other, but also the war, helped humans through history to become a better, learn from its mistakes, and get progress. 2) The discovery of electricity: Since electricity was discovered, the humanity had a huge technological advance; also the electricity changed the world the way we were used to. I mean today, people simply cannot live comfortable with no electricity. Also another thing that shows, that the electricity is one of the most important events on human history is the way this discovery have changed through the advance of time (At the beginning the electricity were just batteries, and now is maybe one of the most important resources of our life). In conclusion the discovery of electricity, was so important in our live that now we simply cannot live with out it. 3) The invention of internet: This...
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