Family Doctor

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  • Published: May 9, 2006
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Family Doctor
Ever since I started to watch ER at the age of fourteen, I have formed a fascination for the medical field. The best component of the job is saving one's life. Due to this, I want to become a family doctor when I grow up. In the book Physicians, family doctor are, "The first health care professional [that] patients consult for a problem" (Physicians 59). The profession consists of "treating people of all ages and seeing the same patients on a continuing basis, and often for years" (Physicians 59). That's another reason I want to be a family doctor I get to meet new people and become well acquainted with various patients. Becoming a family doctor is not easy; it takes eleven years of going to school and not being able to enjoy personal life; also the pain people feel when they lose a patient. But despite the difficulties, the outcomes are worth the try.

A "family doctor or a ‘general doc' has been part of the health care picture ever since medicine began" (Physicians 59). "General practitioners are primary care physicians and may sometimes be referred to as family practice physicians" (Physicians 59). According to the article, "Physician Quality Comparison Report" they are "trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments in patients of all ages" ("Physician Quality"). They take care of people that are sick and do not have a death illness. They are responsible for any family member, they treat the mom, dad and children. Family doctors "work with a staff of nurses and office personal" (60). They also work in offices or big buildings. Some family doctors own their own businesses. Family physicians have different salaries. Some of them make 100,000-120,000 after completing 3-5 year of residency. According to the book Physicians they make $44,400 to $160,000 to $250,000 (59). I think it all depends on how long they have been family doctors. It might also depend on what school they went to or where they work at. That is the career overview of family doctor. I am good at talking to people and helping them hard solution. "Being able to talk to people" (Amina) is good because by being a family doctor I have to talk to people and help them in any way I can. They also have to be able to tell me anything so that is why is good that I am good at keeping secrets. According to a family doctor named Belquis Amina, it is good to be a hard worker (Amina). They have to be able to finish all of them work and to work really hard. They also have to have patients because this is a very stressful job. They have to be willing to work very hard. Being a family doctor takes a lot of time. According to the article, "Medicine" it "takes 11 years of study after high school' to became a family doctor. It also says that "training includes four years of undergraduate or premedical study at a college or university; four years of medical school; and three years of advanced training in a residency" ("Medicine"). But what kind of classes people take in high school and what college they go to can change the length of time they have to go to school. "Some colleges have a combined undergraduate and medical school program that lasts six years" ("Medicine") and other college's program can last longer. People that go to into this career they "usually major in science, or take some courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics and physics' ("Medicine"). They also have to take courses in history, English, art, literature, music, sociology and other fields are important. The article "Medicine" also reports that by becoming a family doctor they have to "take summer jobs or volunteer positions in hospitals, clinics or research laboratories." According to the book Physicians, family doctors "after receiving the M.D. degree, you must fulfill a one- to three-year hospital residency requirement where you are actively involved in patient treatment as part of a hospital medical team" (61). It also says, "at the end of an accredited...
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