Do Television Shows, Movies and Video Games Increase Violence?

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Do Television Shows, Movies and Video Games Increase Youth Violence?

From the tragedy of Columbine, Colorado, 1999 to various youth related incidents around America, the media and in particular, violence in the media, has been considered a factor that contributes to the rise in youth related crimes and aggression. Beyond reasonable doubt, the media has changed the world and how we view it. The media offers a wide range of entertainment options. While the public majority understands that the media has led to an increase in youth violence, factors such as poor parenting, violent victimization and social delinquency contribute to violence in society as well. The incident at Columbine, Colorado revealed that the shooters were avid video game players. Poor parenting creates an environment for violent tendencies in children. According to study done by The Centers for Disease Control, a child is likely to develop aggressive behavior as a means for craving attention from his uninvolved parents (Grossman). Such children throw tantrum to get what they want and even turn out to be bullies since parents are not there to train them as to virtues of good social upbringing. Maggie Cutler’s article entitled,” Whodunit – the Media?” explains that the juvenile crime rate was reported to have dropped 30% during the same period (1989- 1999) that the Parents Television Council announced a tripling in per hour rate of sexual and violent material and coarse language on TV (684). This contradiction in facts can only mean that other factors were involved in this reduction in juvenile crime rate. The media is cited as a risk factor that works in conjunction with other factors to contribute to youth violence. Violent victimization of children includes abuse by parents or caregivers. A victim of child abuse is more likely to relate violence as a means for solving their issues in life. If such a child is exposed to violent media, he is likely to respond and imitate...
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