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BTEC First Extended Certificate in Applied Science

Assignment Brief

Unit: 3 Biology and Our EnvironmentAssignment: 5

Assignment Title: The Effect of Various Factors Date Set:

on Human Health

Completion Date: Feedback Date:
Assessor: Internal Verifier:

Vocational Context

You are a researcher for Glaxosmithkline (pharmaceutical company). Your current project is about the various factors that have a negative effect on human health. You have been asked to email your line manager your investigations findings

Assessment Criteria

|P5 |describe the effect of different internal and external factors on human health | |M4 |explain how selected medical, social and inherited factors disrupt body systems to cause ill health. | |D3 |describe the social issues which arise as a result of the selected medical, social and inherited factors and the illnesses they cause.|


|Task 1 (Pass) (P5) | |Make a table that describes the internal and external factors that affect human health. | |Task 2 (Merit) (M4) | |Write an email to your employer. In this email include: | |Explanations on how Social factors, Inherited factors, and Environmental factors included in your table disrupt body systems to cause ill health. | |Explain how diseases are caused in the body....
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