Diversity Paper

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  • Published : February 11, 2007
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Diversity Paper
An organizations success depends on it workforce. A talented and diverse workforce lends the most opportunities for success within the organization. A diverse workforce will also impact the organizations individual human behavior. Human behavior is the collection of activities by human beings and culture, emotions, ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, occupation, skills and abilities, personality traits, and values. This paper will discuss the impact that race and ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual orientation have on an individual's behavior.

Human behavior is impacted greatly by race and ethnicity. Human behavior can easily be affected by stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudices. As years pass by, conditions continue to improve in regards to stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudices, but ethnic groups continue to face issues of discrimination towards them. Racial profiling is still a practice used by our law enforcement especially following September 11th. "Fueled by the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror" that have given police a pretext to target people they think fit a "drug courier," "gang member," or "terrorist" profile." (http://www.aclu.org/racialjustice/racialprofiling/index.html) Is racial profiling real? Most Americans believe so. A July 2001 Gallop poll revealed that 55% of whites and 83% of blacks believe racial profiling is widespread. This practice isn't limited to inner cities and airports. Many affluent Americans from judges to athletes have endured racial profiling. Discrimination can be an inherent human behavior. These practices that are witnessed daily can't help but impacting an individual's behavior. Those behaviors will then transfer to the workplace and affect a person's relationship with a coworker. Therefore productivity will be affected negatively. The ACLU has launched a web-based campaign called Arrest Racism whose goal is to educate the public in...
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