Diversity in Living Organisms

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Diversity in Living Organisms
Q 1 Name the branch of the biology that deals with the classification.

Q 2 Who was the first to propose the two-kingdom system of classification?

Q 3 Who proposed three-kingdom classification?

Q 4 What is meant by triploblastic?

Q 5 What is haemocoel ?

Q 6 Name the person who has given the five-kingdom classification.

Q 7 Which is the largest phylum of animal kingdom?

Q 8 What is the function of canal system in sponges?

Q 9 What are Gymnosperms?

Q 10 What is the purpose of classification?

Q 11 What do you mean by evolution?

Q 12 What are the bases due to which plants and animals are classified as different categories?

Q 13 What are the four main characteristics of chordates?

Q 14 Draw the hierarchy of the classification?

Q 15 Give the names of different groups of Plant Kingdom.

Q 16 Will advanced organisms be the same as complex organisms? Why?

Q 17 What are thallophytes? Give it’s one characteristic

Q 18 Show the diagrammatic representation of classification of Kingdom Plantae.

Q 19 Give one example each of Hemichordata, Urochordata, Cephalochordata and Vertebrata.

Q 20 Pick the odd one out and justify your choice by giving reasons. i) Coelenterates, Echinoderms, Vertebrates, Molluscs 1 mark
ii) Chicken, Bat, Ostrich, Penguin 1 mark

Q 21 Pick the odd one out and justify your choice by giving reasons. i) Riccia, Marsilea, Marchantia, Funaria 1 mark
ii) Crocodile, Salamander, Sparow, Bat 1 mark

Q 22 To which major group do the following belong?
i) Bat
ii) Cycas
iii) Plasmodium
iv) Mosquito

Q 23 To which phyla do the following animals belong? 2 marks i) Toad
ii) Cockroach
iii) Hydra
iv) Earthworm

Q 24
Rewrite the following names correctly, if incorrect. i) amoeba histolytica
ii) Brassica Campestris
iii) brassica Capitata

Q 25 Pick the odd one out and justify your choice by giving reasons. (i) Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Vertebrata
(ii) Lung-fish, Jelly-fish, Dog-fish, Flying-fish

Q 26 To which kingdom and phylum/division do the following belong? (i) Rat
(ii) Pinus
(iii) Amoeba
(iv) Butterfly

Q 27 Give two points of difference between Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes.

Q 28 Differentiate between Poriferans and Coelentrates.

Q 29 Give two exampes of Bryophytes and Pteridophytes.

Q 30 Define advantage of using scientific name instead of common name?

Q 31 Define the main characteristics of Vertebrates.

Q 32 Bat can fly still it is placed in mammals. Why?

Q 33 Why thallophytes, bryophytes and pteridophytes are called ‘cryptogams’?

Q 34 Show the diagrammatic representation of five-kingdom classification.

Q 35 Draw a flowchart to depict classification of Kingdom Plantae.

Q 36 a) Identify four features possessed by all Chordates. ½+½+½+½ marks

b) In which class would you place any organism which has:
i. a scaly exoskeleton and a bony endoskeleton.
ii. a scaly exoskeleton and lay eggs outside water. ½+½ marks

Q 37 Give one point of difference between:
i) Bilateral and radial symmetry
ii) Notochord and nerve cord

Q 38 (a) Name the locomotary organs of echinoderms.
(b) Distinguish between-
1. Tapeworm and earthworm
2. Mite and termite

Q 39 Point out differences between the following:
(a) Bony and cartilaginous fishes.
(b) Bilateral and radial symmetry.
(c) Notochord and nerve chord.

Q 40 Give a brief account of angiosperms.

Q 41 What are the bases by which Vertebrata are divided into sub-groups?

Most Important Questions|
Q 1 Name the character included by Aristotle for biological classification?

Q 2 Name one edible fungus?

Q 3 Write a short note on distribution of bacteria.

Q 4 What are mycoplasma?

Q 5 What is alternation of generation?

Q 6 Who proposed five-kingdom classification? What are the names of kingdoms?

Q 7 What are the criteria used by Whittekar for five kingdom...
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