Diversity, Human Resource Management and Organizational Goals the Women Case and Others

Topics: Discrimination, Human resource management, Management Pages: 11 (4568 words) Published: April 1, 2009
{draw:frame} Human Resource Management HRMT20007 Robert Grindrod Assignment 1: Diversity, Human Resource Management and Organizational Goals ' The Women Case and others. DANIEL PESCE S0172398 {draw:rect} December, 2008 Introduction Some years ago, people only used diversity for non white male. Nowadays, diversity has a wider meaning. It includes many aspects of society like race, gender, age, sexual preference, life style, etc. (Jackson et al. 1992). This meaning is important to understand because Australia has a diverse demographic composition. This condition can be seen in the Australian work force as well. In the national working environment we can find diversity of gender (women), age and ethnic (De Cieri et al. 2008). Diversity is considerable important because it can affect productivity and profit. In some cases could be a problem but in others diversity can improve teamwork, decision making process and creativity (Bach 2005) throughout efficient human resource policies. In other words, diversity can improve efficiency to bring competitive advantages in order to penetrate global markets and to increase profit (De Cieri et al. 2008). In order to take advantage of those attributes of diversity, organizations need to manage it. The way to manage that is applying Human Resource Management (HRM). It provides polices and systems to influence workers’ behaviour. As a consequence, HRM influences the performance of the company (De Cieri et al. 2008). An optimal diversity management policies and tools can bring the best of diversity. Once it is done, diversity becomes a competitive advantage (Henderson 1994). Diversity*, *women and *oth*er cases This essay is going to treat diversity focused on the women case. In order to do that, first the concept of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is presented. In this stage we are going to see many aspects of diversity (the gender is one of them). Second, a case study about women is explained and analysed. Finally, we are going to analyse the relationship between HRM, diversity and the study case presented in this essay. In any working environment, if the company applies EEO regime, the best person for the vacant position must be chosen no matter the group she or he belongs to. Those groups can mean gender, race, colour, age, religion, etc. In other words, what really matters is his or her intrinsic merit instead of external or irrelevant features for the working environment. This EEO concept is important because it can make the organization able to set the conditions for a productive working environment (De Cieri et al. 2008). As we have seen, EEO has many components or aspects that company has to manage in order to get the best from diversity. This part can be analysed throughout legal cases. The first case is about age. The case was EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States) v. Family Dollar Operations Inc. In this case, the Regional Vice President of the store ordered to fire a 61 years old employee. When the Vice President defended himself, he argued that he was instructed by his superior to harass him (the 61 years old employee) into resigning. This was the concrete action but the reason of that was that “he was just too old” (Bell 2007). In that situation, we can appreciate an action of discrimination and intolerance. If this company had applied an EEO frame included in a HRM system, the results would have been different. The second case is about race and sex discrimination. The name of the case is EEOC v. Carl Budding & Co. In that opportunity, a company that processes meat and deli products in South Holland (Chicago) denied jobs to African Americans just because of their race. Also, this company segregated female employees into lower paying jobs. In this case the company applied anti EEO policies. One of those policies was its “hiring policy” that was based on referrals of its white workforce (it was the major component of it) that came...
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