Distinctive Features of Modernism and Realism

Topics: Narrator, Meaning of life, Unreliable narrator Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: June 13, 2011
Distinctive features of Realism and Modernism
I. Ideological and philosophical differences ( How Realists and Modernists viewed man) R: 1. Man is a social animal (Aristhotel called it a political animal) 2. Alienation is conditioned by society

3. Reality is solid and objective. The world is palpable and identical 4. Interaction between man and environment (it determines his development) 5. There is always a sense of progress

M: 1. Man is seem as ahistorical being
2. Alienation is innate, inherent in man; the human condition is their major theme 3. There`s no outer reality, only human consciousness; solipsism (the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist) 4. No interaction between man and reality

5. There is no sense of perspective, there is pessimism, despair, believe in the disintegration of humanity

II. The purpose of literature
R: 1. To create an illusion of reality, to reflect reality, mimesis (imitation), the imitative function
2. To criticize reality in order to transform it, to improve it; didactic element
M: 1. To examine psychological depths, to question experience
2. There is no didactic element in their fiction

III. Subject and matter
R: 1. Interest in society, in social issues, in the outside world, in all signs of class and social status, interest in the appearance of the characters (appearance is the reflection of environment)

2. Interest in history, it involves a panoramic view
3. Interest in moral, ethical issues
4. In realist novel there is attempt to trace a whole life (bildungsroman), a chain of chronological events in one`s life, contiguity (closeness)
5. Objectivity and rationality prevail
6. There is always affirmation of the values of life
7. Clear distinction between heroes and villains
M: 1. Interest in psychology, in the individual, in the consciousness of the individual, interest in the...
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