Hum130 Appendix C Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Appendix C - Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz

1. Immanent - In the study of comparative religion, immanent is to experience sacred reality as present in the world. 2. Religion - The word religion is thought to be derived from the Latin, meaning “to tie back” or “to tie again.” All religions share a common goal of tying people back to something behind the surface of life, to a greater reality, which lies beyond, or invisibly infuses, the world perceived with our five senses. 3. Theistic - Religions based on one’s relationship to the Divine Being. 4. Monotheistic - A religion in which the worshipped being is a singular form. 5. Profane - In the field of comparative religion, the profane is the everyday world of seemingly random, ordinary, and unimportant occurrences. | 6. Polytheistic - A religion in which many attributes and forms of the divine are emphasized. 7. Monistic - Religions believing that beneath the multiplicity of apparent forms there is one underlying substance. 8. Dogma - Systems of doctrines proclaimed as absolutely true and accepted as such, even if they lie beyond the domain of one’s personal experiences. | 9. Nontheistic - Unseen Reality may be conceived in nontheistic terms, as a “changeless Unity,” as “Suchness,” or simply as “the Way.” There may be no sense of a personal Creator God in such understandings. 10. Transcendent - In the study of comparative religion, transcendent is to believe that sacred reality exists outside of the material universe. 11. Incarnations - The sacred reality,...
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