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Topics: Marketing, Ugg boots, Boot Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: September 2, 2012
Four Cases of Marketing Communication: Ugg Boots, Tourism Australia, BT against SME Gremlins, Nintendo Wii Discussing the first case from those listed in the title, Ugg Boots marketing program demonstrates the role of the proper audience analysis, i.e. understanding of the buyer behavior that helps to motivate into buying an ugly unknown shoe brand and turn it into a cultural currency recognized and worn all over the world. A successful marketing communication in the case of Ugg Boots can be explained from five important marketing aspects. First of all, the case shows a clear understanding of all stages of purchase decision-making. Mainly, on the pre-purchase stage the due attention is given to the difference between what a consumer needs and wants to buy – at this very stage the market strategies develop a context and meaning of a brand purchase (Dahlen 2009, p. 53). Secondly and on the basis of the mentioned above, consumer decision is very well thought-out and manipulated by the Ugg Boots marketing team who understand that to turn an organic shoe brand into a go-go they have to offer a “’consumption values’ that are acquired when individually or collectively choosing a brand” (Dahlen 2009, p. 54). Thus, they stake at a set of social values attained with the Ugg Boots purchase, and specifically, the meaning of belonging to fashion and celebrity beau monde. Actually Ugg Boots offer satisfaction of a mix of values: functional – being healthy and comfortable; social- being all the rage all celebrities prefer; emotional – being offered in a color-model variety “the ugly duckling Ugg boot” is propelled by celebrities as key to good looks and high spirits. The next point of the successful Ugg marketing communication is in the “transformational motivation” they use, satisfying consumers hedonistic needs of their Ego “to make an identity statement” and social needs to “get[…] noticed and gain social approval” (Dahlen 2009, pp. 59-60). Moreover, at the stage...
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