Discussing the Results of My Career Interest Profiler

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Career Interests Profiler and Competencies
University of Phoenix
Ruben Sanchez
February 8, 2013
Prof.- Elsie Jimenez- Galarza

Discussing the Results of My Career Interest Profiler and the Career Plan Building Activities: Competencies

In today’s world you must know your interests and competencies. Knowing my competencies I can deal with my weakest areas. I could re-direct efforts to perform better, making necessary changes for the wellbeing of the employee (micro) and the company (macro). Depend on manager’s competencies, could be the difference in the managers career. The level of respect that a manager could get from his/her subordinates will depend on well he execute his duty. Changes in communication techniques skills need to be addressed by having a direct contact with first line supervisors as well with employees.

In my particular case, delivering results and writing are the competencies that I should focus in order to adapt my communication techniques to the emerging of a new era of employees that are well educated and technically oriented, and the emerging globalization that amazingly is taking over the entire globe in a such away not many has been anticipated.

Changing in my communication techniques skills will improve employees’ better understanding of the company’s goals and procedures. Taking my communication skills into the next level, should be the vehicle that could consolidate the internal company’s goals down to the newest employee; tell them that they are a key part of the company’s planning process. This change must include the integration of new technology.


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