Discuss How the Skills and Practises Used by a Professional Counsellor Differ from Those Used in Other Helping Relationships. in Addition We Would Like You to Evaluate Your Own Qualities and Skills and Identify What

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Discuss how the skills and practises used by a professional counsellor differ from those used in other helping relationships. In addition we would like you to evaluate your own qualities and skills and identify what you think it is necessary to do to progress in the profession.”

Part 1

Counselling can be defined as a form of helping people that is primarily focused on helping someone, however there are many definitions of counselling, each with a different role, process and theory. Counselling can be diverse and reflects the stressful busy lives put upon our current society. This essay will discuss the ways in which define counselling and how that would differ from the many other various roles played in society focused on a persons needs and aims.

Firstly this essay will consider how we define counselling in order that we can differentiate this as a profession when compared to other such roles such as nurses, teachers, carers and friends. One definition states counselling “denotes a professional relationship”, where as BAC states that the term counselling “includes work with individuals and with relationships which may be guiding or problem solving”. (McLeod p14). Whilst it is difficult to prescribe exactly what constitutes counselling, it can be seen that all definitions seem to agree that there has to be a relationship formed for the counselling to be affective, particularly with centre approach counselling which relies heavily upon a non judgemental, open relationship.

Counselling is voluntarily entered into by the person seeking help, and offers the opportunity to identify things for the client. It is clearly and explicitly contracted and the boundaries of the relationship identified. The activity itself is designed to help self-exploration and understanding. The process should help to identify thoughts, emotions and behaviours that, once assessed, may offer the client a greater sense of personal resources and self-determined change...
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