Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Beard Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Brad Hobson
Lisa Carlson
English 111-021
Discrimination based on Appearance
Unfortunately, bias in all aspects is plaguing society today and affects every person in some degree or another. In my opinion it will never be “banned” as this article suggests. This issue is too complex to just “ban” all of it. Although, I do believe that some kind of change is necessary. The problem needs to be analyzed and looked as to what is the most harsh and least harsh cases but still who is to decide these things. By putting someone in charge of what is discrimination and what isn’t is almost like appointing a “god” of sorts. Everyone has their opinion on discriminations. Therefor it cannot be narrowed down to certain complexities. The author brings forth a good point to ponder: “So why not simply ban discrimination based on appearance?” This is a great idea, but the problem lies within the ability to enforce this rule. In the current time, job applications, and sometimes even credit applications, contain clauses regarding not discriminating due to age, race, gender or ethnicity. However, people in the positions making those decisions can actually discriminate based on those factors, as long as what they show on paper does not reflect it. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people may not be offered a job opportunity because of their appearance, in lieu of someone who is more attractive, regardless of who is more qualified to perform the job duties. However, such bias is not all-inclusive. Some jobs require certain traits, such as restrictions on height and weight. In the Borgata Hotel Casino case mentioned in the article, the discrimination against the waitress with the thyroid problem was based strictly on sex appeal. On the flip side, flight nurses and physicians have specific height and weight requirements that must be enforced due to safety in the helicopter. A 230-pound emergency physician with twenty years of experience may be turned down for one of...
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