Shc33 Level 3 Nvq - Diploma for the Children and Young Person's Workforce

Topics: Discrimination, Universal quantification, Existential quantification Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 10, 2013
SHC33 Level 3 NVQ - Diploma for the Children and Young Person's Workforce


·Diversity: Where there are differences in each person, these can relate to their culture, beliefs or background. This also refers to those with disabilities, physical appearance, likes and dislikes.

·Equality: Where each person is treating the same as another. They are given the same rights, and treated as equally and fairly as everyone else, regardless of differences.

·Inclusion: Where every effort is made to include every person in all activities, lessons, games, etc.


Discrimination is very deleterious. It has the potential to destroy self-confidence, willingness to learn and confidence to participate in other areas of life. To be discriminated against, can leave one questioning one's self-worth and right to be happy, due to a feeling of not being "normal".

The lasting effects of discrimination can follow a child throughout their life, leaving them undereducated for fear of trying, or there has been no real effort to include them and so they fall behind in education and later in life this effects their job prospects due to a lack of qualification.

Another potential effect, is that children as a whole lose out on learning new cultures, beliefs, and ways of life, having been witness to others being discriminated against and potentially believing this to be a correct way to treat others.


As I have 3 charges, one of whom has a cow's milk and egg sensitivity, if, for example, we were to have a cooking activity making a cake, I take into consideration SJ's needs. When buying or sourcing the ingredients from the shop or cupboards, I make sure SJ knows we are looking for ingredients that means he will be able to enjoy the spoils of the activity after cooking. In turn, I am also making the 2 year old aware that sometimes considerations have to be made to include all. We include the 1 year old, by telling her what we're doing, and if...
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