Tda 3.6

Topics: Discrimination, Culture, Childhood Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: May 15, 2013
TDA 3.6 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people

2.1 Explain ways in which children and young people can experience prejudice and discrimination. •Children and young adults can experience prejudice and discrimination on many different levels. This can be range from the way they dress, how they speak, their religion and beliefs, their gender, their age, how they behave and for having a disability.

This can start off very simply as being picked on from having a different type of uniform (skirt, shorts, coat, shoes) etc and can lead to a child being excluded from joining in games and play because of this.

This can continue on a daily basis with children thinking they are playing and are not doing anything wrong. Sometimes this is learned behaviour from home and is hard for young children to understand that you are telling them it is not okay to call names because of someone’s skin colour or how they look. It is important to be consistent and reinforce that it’s not okay and it is very upsetting and hurtful. How would they feel if they were the one being left out. We need to teach empathy from an early age and respect others regardless of race, gender, age, how we look and dress, where were from and disability. Our whole school ethos, All Different, All Equal, All Achieving promotes this. 2.2 Analyse the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people. •Any form of prejudice and discrimination can have a severe negative effect throughout a person’s life. Being undervalued by peers can make a person feel isolated and lonely. They may lose confidence in themselves, start to withdraw socially not wanting to join in activities, scared of making mistakes so they would stop putting hands up to answer questions, body language would be very negative.

Their learning would be effected and their ability to interact with others, this could result in the child not coming to school as it’s not a...
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