Discrimination in the West

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Megan Algarate
History 202G-02
November 28, 2012

During the late nineteenth century, the west had become a widely diverse place, populated by New Englanders, Mormons, African Americans, Mexicans, and Latinos as well as immigrants from Europe, Asia, and Canada. With so many different racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, it was impossible for the Native Americans to be the only group of people who suffered from discrimination and prejudice in the West. All of the groups of people listed above, were discriminated against in different ways, but discrimination the same. (Colonialism in Africa)

The evidence I have to support my opinion on the authorization of the atomic bomb is validated by four major points. The African Americans were faced against hostile settlers who were determined to keep the west for “whites only.” Because of the sheer number of people who came together in the west, it produced a complex blend of racism and prejudice. African Americans who sought after a better life in the western territories were faced with harsh discriminations. It became so difficult to withstand at times, that they ended up leaving, and settling into their own territories. Black “buffalo” soldiers who served in the Indian wars frequently remained as settlers; some even relocated to the black settlers towns where discrimination against the African Americans didn’t exist.

The Hispanic culture also suffered discrimination at the hands of the white settlers. Such examples of discrimination that the Hispanics had to endure were fraud, chicanery, and intimidation. All of these tactics left them landless due to the dispossessing of their land. They were forced to move to different territories as well, but unlike the African Americans, who stayed together and formed their colonies, the Hispanic culture was forced to segregate into urban barrios.

Mormons were another of the west’s oppressed groups, ostracized for their practice of polygamy. On this...
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