Discoveries of Maria Montessori

Topics: Adult, Parenting, Pedagogy Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: October 19, 2012
1a. What is the greatest task of each child?
Mother Nature has endowed every child with the necessary powers for a great task is that of building the adult human being. Dr. Maria Montessori emphatically states that the first and the foremost of all that the child needs to do is the great and miraculous construction of a healthy human adult. All the different aspects of teaching, child rearing or even child care should revolve around this thought especially when we are dealing with the two to six year age group. But we see that this is not happening. Education gets direct more to learning the various subjects that are taught. As the children are dependent on the adults it is only the adults who can provide the right conditions. That is why it is very necessary that adult take a good view of what they are doing. Whether we are offering anything towards the child’s development. If we are, whether it is being given in a manner and form that the children need, whether we are capable of finding out what the child needs, whether we are interpreting the child’s needs from the adult’s view point and not the child’s. It is important to realize that the child’s life and work is directed towards the construction of his inner self. Pedagogy should insist that the change be of the adults rather than make claims on the child. 1b.What is the responsibility of the adult?

The idea brings to the forefront something that many adults refuse to accept. It is that the child and the adult are the two forms of the human being, two distinct forms. The child is not a miniature adult. The child’s needs are not to be considered as the same as the adult inn smaller measure. The child has his own life and development. Who accomplishes this maturation into adulthood? Do parents grow the child? Can the educator form the child’s character? Can the teacher create the student’s maid? Is it possible for the adults to produce development in the children? Montessori said very emphatically that it...
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