Unit 5 – the Principle Underpinning the Role of the Practitioner Working with Children. E4

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  • Published : November 20, 2012
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The benefits of developing reflective practice within a childcare setting is the key to quality improvement as it helps practitioners to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different aspects of skills and progress within the settings provision. It involves thinking about how you currently work to reflect to see if it can be done in a different way in order to improve your practise. Practitioners will be taking various observations of children to see if they’re meeting their norms, then practitioners will look to see where their weaknesses are in their developments, and how they are learning. They will reflect how they are planning to see if they can change it to increase the children’s development to make the child meet their norms in their weaknesses. Some children might need to be involved with multi-agency teams, practitioners then need to associate and create a meeting about the child to asses there needs to make an arrangement to meet there need by co-operating with the multi-agency teams. Practitioner could use the children strengths for example, numeracy (counting) so therefore they could put number shapes on the dough table to attract the child to increase their fine-motor skills. Practitioners then can adjust the planning to meet the child’s needs, by implementing and linking it to the national curriculum which is Early Years Foundation Stage. Reflective practice benefits the adults by communicating, thinking of new ideas, building positive relationships, being able to see how children are progressing, improving knowledge and improving skills when working with children. Reflective practice benefits the setting by building relationships between staff, it will make the setting a happier place, creates a positive atmosphere, safe environment and it will make you enjoy your work and make you want to be there.
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