Disc Platinum Rule Assessment

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DISC Platinum Rule Assessment
MGT 344
W2 Individual Assignment
University of Phoenix
Darrell DiFabio
October 13, 2008

DISC Platinum Rule Assessment
The DISC Platinum Rule Assessment is a personality test used to help individuals understand the four fundamental behavior patterns: dominant, interactive, steady and compliant. The purpose of this test is to recognize which of the four styles is most dominant to each individual. Based on the reasoning of Dr. Tony Alessandra, notable communication expert, all people display definable and predictable characteristics that can be classifiable, foreseeable and understandable. Understanding one’s personal behavioral pattern may be instrumental in discovering a greater self-understanding as well as helping improve interpersonal relationships in all aspects of one’s life i.e. work, personal, school and so on (Alessandra, T., 2008). To put Dr. Alessandra’s theories to the test, my MGT 344 class was given the opportunity to run through the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment: Custom Edition for the University of Phoenix.

The purpose of this paper is analyze my predominant behavioral style based on my personalized DISC Platinum Rule Assessment report, share my strengths and weaknesses identified, explain why I agree or disagree with the assessment and to provide any opportunities where I believe I can focus for improvement.

According to my personal report, based on my personal assessment and one other business associate observer, my behavioral style was considered to be Ds. My primary behavioral style is D Style the capital (D) stands for Dominance style which categorizes me as a quick-paced goal-oriented person. My secondary style is the S Style the lowercase (s) stands for Steadiness Style which categorizes me as a people-oriented person. D Style strengths include but are not limited to: Quick-paced goal oriented people tend do be more comfortable in...
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