Mte 520: Management Matrix

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Materials Management Matrix Learning Team B
Jessica Berry, Andrew Brogan, Silvia Hammond, Erica Priscella Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate 520
Keith Jarrett
February 10, 2013

Materials Management Matrix Learning Team B
Issues requiring documentation| Current tools used| Additional technology options available| Documentation methods for staff review| Documentation methods for parent review| Calendars
| Microsoft® Outlook®
Blackboard calendar
Desk calendar
Wall calendar| Google calendar
Yahoo calendar| Update information on school calendar.Provide link to online monthly calendar.| Paper calendars sent home with students Classroom website
Grades| Power SchoolWeekly emails to parentsCharts of Student Mastery| Jupiter| Weekly grade and progress print offsStudent assessmentsObjective Checklist| Weekly emailsCheck grades on Power SchoolProgress ReportsReport Cards| Behavior related

| SEASWEBFunctional Behavioral Assessment| BITSConductonlineExpected BehaviorSchool Wide Information SystemClassDojo| Quick access to recording real time feedbackDocumenting behaviors| Access to real time documentation and feedback on discipline or rewards| Students with special needs| Written IEPSEASWEB| TIENETSPEDASSISTIEP WriterE-IEP PROIEP Direct| Access to student IEPs and goalsWriting and implementing IEPS| Printed copy of IEPs and goalsProgress monitoring regularly| Parent–teacher conference| Manual SchedulingPlannersNotes home for determining parental availability and/or rescheduling needsEmail correspondencePhone Calls| PTC WizardMeeting| Access to Student GradesTeacher documentation of any behaviors observedDocumentation of progress (or lack of) and corresponding assessments| Printed copy of student overall gradesTeacher documentation of any behaviors...