Disaster Recovery Plan

Topics: Business continuity planning, Disaster recovery, Risk management Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 27, 2012
1.Disaster Recovery Plan
Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP. 1.1.Risk Assessment
1.1.1.Critical business processes
List the mission-critical business systems and services that must be protected by the DRP. Online services must be protected to ensure that both employees and customers will be able to access the programs and information to continue running the business. Sales, shipping information, customer database, and the virtual interaction provided to customers must be available. Basic functions within the main offices must remain available, including power, sales, the phones, and customer service. 1.1.2.Internal, external, and environmental risks

Briefly discuss the internal, external, and environmental risks, which might be likely to affect the business and result in loss of the facility, loss of life, or loss of assets. Threats could include weather, fire or chemical, earth movement, structural failure, energy, biological, or human. Internal risks include: hardware failure, theft, power loss, viruses and malicious software. External risks include: Hackers and malicious attacks, and theft. Environmental risks include: Weather, and natural disaster including earthquakes, electrical storms, and rainfall and possible flooding. 1.2.Disaster Recovery Strategy

Of the strategies of shared-site agreements, alternate sites, hot sites, cold sites, and warm sites, identify which of these recovery strategies is most appropriate for your selected scenario and why. A shared site agreement would be the best arrangement to implement the disaster recovery strategy. By utilizing both offices in New York and California they can provide backup for one another should a disaster happen. Because both offices are part of the same company the software and hardware will be compatible. 1.3.Disaster Recovery Test Plan

For each testing method...
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