Disadvantages of Desserts

Topics: Myocardial infarction, Nutrition, Artery Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Semegne Minas
Grade 9

Lemon Trifle

Lemon Trifle is a dessert eaten by a lot of people due to its flawless taste and long lasting appearance. Like all desserts, lemon trifle contains fruits and fats which attract many people towards it; however people haven’t noticed the negative effects of this wonderful dessert that might harm them leaving them to become patients for the rest of their lives. The combination of fruits and fats together might look healthy, but many cafés and bakeries might include fruits in their dessert to make it look healthy. This dessert contains 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 carton of lemon yogurt, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 2 tea spoons of grated lemon peel, 2 cups whipped topping, 1 angel food cake cut into 1 inch cubes, 2 cups of fresh raspberries, ½ cup flaked coconut toasted or fresh mint. As you can see from the ingredients listed above, the fatty and unhealthy aspects of this dessert are higher with proportion than the healthy and fruity parts. This conveys that the dessert is full of carbohydrate and lacks many of the nutrients needed by our body. Carbohydrates supply as with most of the energy because the carbohydrate ingested by the body is broken down into glucose. The glucose undergoes glycolsis without any oxygen to form pyruvate which will then produce 34 ATPs, water, and carbon dioxide through aerobic respiration. The ATP is then distributed to our cells that are in need of energy to utilize it for things such as active transport. Our body stores small amount of carbohydrate in the form of glycogen which is located in the liver, muscles and brain, however any excess carbohydrate is stored as fat in our body. So, eating food that contains too much carbohydrate ends up as fat in out body. The issue with storing fat in your body is that you would be out of shape and have trouble fitting into the cloth you want and furthermore it might hinder you from many life changing events and moreover fats contain...
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