Disadvantage of Communication

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Verbal Communication
The basis of communication is the interaction between people.  Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face.  Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, words, speaking, and language.  At birth, most people have vocal cords, which produce sounds.  As a child grows it learns how to form these sounds into words.  Some words may be imitative of natural sounds, but others may come from expressions of emotion, such as laughter or crying.  Words alone have no meaning.  Only people can put meaning into words.  As meaning is assigned to words, language develops, which leads to the development of speaking. The actual origin of language is subject to considerable speculation.  Some theorists believe it is an outgrowth of group activities such as working together or dancing.  Others believe that language developed from basic sounds and gestures. Over 3,000 languages and major dialects are spoken in the world today.  The development of languages reflects class, gender, profession, age group, and other social factors.  The huge variety of languages usually creates difficulties between different languages, but even within a single language there can be many problems in understanding. Through speaking we try to eliminate this misunderstanding, but sometimes this is a very hard thing to do.  Just as we assume that our messages are clearly received, so we assume that because something is important to us, it is important to others.  As time has proven this is not at all true.  Many problems can arise is speaking and the only way to solve these problems is through experience. Speaking can be looked at in two major areas: interpersonal and public speaking.  Since the majority of speaking is an interpersonal process, to communicate effectively we must not simply clean up our language, but learn to relate to people. In interpersonal speaking, etiquette is very important.  To be an effective communicator one must speak in a manner that is not offending to the receiver.  Etiquette also plays an important role in an area that has developed in most all business settings: hierarchical communication.   In business today, hierarchical communication is of utmost importance to all members involved. The other major area of speaking is public speaking.  From the origin of time, it has been obvious that some people are just better public speakers than others.  Because of this, today a good speaker can earn a living by speaking to people in a public setting.  Some of the major areas of public speaking are speaking to persuade, speaking to inform, and speaking to inspire or motivate.

How do you define verbal communication?

It is the spoken, oral, and unwritten way of communicating. It makes use of words, vocabulary, numbers and symbols and is organized in sentences.

This communication skill is not reserved for the selected few. It is an ability that each and every one should develop to improve relationships and interactions.

Everyone's mind is forever having thoughts and they are primarily in pictures and words. Words spoken affect your life as well as others. They have the power to create emotions and move people to take action. When you communicate clearly, you activate your mind and that of others and you stimulate creativity.

You create your reality with your senses, the eyes, ears and feelings and words and symbols are used to create the meanings. This is why you are encouraged to read and watch informative materials, listen to motivational audio programs and attend classes or seminars that relate to your line of work or objectives. Positive and uplifting spoken words motivate and inspire. How to Improve Verbal Communication Skill.

Using positive words to challenge limiting beliefs.
Phrase your words clearly and positively. Your words and the explanations you give affect thoughts and determine emotions.

Questioning helps challenge beliefs. According to...
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