Disabilities in Workplace

Topics: Disability, Employment, Developmental disability Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Sexual Harassment in workplace

What do you understand with the term “Disabilities”?
In general, disability is a broad term that compares actual ability to normal functioning. It is most often used to refer to impairment, and it can be typically divide into several different categories which is physical impairment (paralysis), sensory impairment (blindness), cognitive impairment (dementia), intellectual impairment (mental retardation) or mental health impairment (bipolar disorder). A person may be considered disabled if he or she has a condition that affects the ability to function without assistance at a level needed to maintain well-being. Now let’s further into Disabilities in workplace. Disabilities in workplace always arises issues such as discrimination. For example, some of the employers will treat you less favourably because you are disabled than someone without a disability would be treated in the same circumstances. This is called direct discrimination in the. Besides that, there is also issue like discriminate against you because of your connection with someone else who is disabled, for example, your partner or child. This is called discrimination by association. Furthermore, there are also cases like the employer discriminate against you indirectly for example by requiring something which applies to all your colleagues but which is much more difficult for you and for disabled people to meet and treat you unfavourably because of something connected with your disability. Let’s say for example, a worker is given night shifts to do. She has kidney failure and has nightly dialysis. Making her do night shifts would mean she won't be able to have her dialysis In order to reduce or overcome this issue, there are actually ways to prevent discrimination of disabilities in workplace and it can be categories into self personal prevention and social suggestion. By using self personal prevention, as a first step, you might want to have an informal discussion...
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