Diplomatic Mission

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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diplomatic mission - a mission serving diplomatic ends
delegation, deputation, delegacy, commission, mission - a group of representatives or delegates foreign mission, legation - a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister attache - a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission Accreditation denotes the appointment of a person to serve as diplomat of the sending state to the receiving state(s). A diplomat may be concurrently accredited to more than one country when the diplomatic mission covers two or more countries.

An ambassador is a diplomat who has been appointed by the sending state to represent its interests in the receiving state. The ambassador is the top official of an embassy.  An attachй is a person assigned to the diplomatic staff of a diplomatic mission. Normally, the attachй has specific responsibilities e.g. military air and naval attachй, agricultural attachй etc. The Chancery, sometimes referred to as Chancellery, is the building or offices that house the diplomatic mission itself, and this is where day-to-day diplomatic activities take place.  A consul is the head of a consulate. There are four different types of consuls: Consul-General, Consul, Vice-Consul and Consular Agent.

The Consular Corps, also referred to as Corps Consulaire, is the body of foreign heads of consular missions residing in the receiving country. The Corps may comprise honorary as well as career consuls.  The diplomatic service is the body of diplomats and other foreign service personnel of one country in other countries. The diplomatic personnel enjoys diplomatic immunity in the country to which it is accredited.  is a permanent diplomatic mission that one country establishes in another country. Its role is to protect the interests of the sending state in the receiving state and in the states to which the embassy is accredited. An embassy is normally headed by an ambassador. A persona non grata is a diplomatic who, for one reason or another, is no...
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