Dionysus & Pan

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Late Classical Period (Dionysus and Pan)
Based on the visual observations and analysis conducted on paper assignment one, I would classify the sculpture, Dionysus and Pan, under the Late Classical period. This sculpture depicts Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, together with Pan, his follower. It is sculpted from the finest marble which was created in the Roman period A.D. 50-150. Artists from this period of time drew a lot of attention to the statues’ expression of emotion and gesture form. The three dimensional perfect human body also contributed to the factor of determining the culture of the sculpture. It is said that there was a revolution in Greek statuary and art, the Late Classical period made a massive changes in the style and function of sculptures. Ancient Greek artists did have profound effects throughout the ages and contributed a lot to the Western civilization. The Late Classical period began when the Peloponnesian War took place between the Delian League by Athens and the Peloponnesian League by Sparta in 431 BCE. There was political corruption, the leadership of Greece was weakened and undertook. People were suffering from the economy depression. The political upheaval ended idealism of the Early Classical period. All these causes created a great impact of art during that period of time. Individualism arose and artists placed more interested in their own personal visions. In other word, artists no longer impose order on the environment with only perfect proportions, but they started to concentrate on reality and drama. Artists wanted to create figures that can represent the real world and the modern society, rather than the ideal world with perfect human beings. It was common to see artists humanizing great gods and heroes of the Greek in this culture. The sculpture Pan is about two-third of Dionysus’ size while standing next to Dionysus. The bodies of Dionysus and Pan are captured both athletically proportional,...
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