Art, Love and Transformation: a Mirror of Classical Literature

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Art, Love and Transformation: A Mirror of Classical Literature


Katherine F. Jaramilla
BSP 201A

January 8, 2013

Professor: Miss Bethel Anne Batallones

Art, Love and Transformation: A mirror of Classical Literature

Publius Ovidius Naso was a known Roman poet. He was also recognized as a canonical poet of Latin literature. In his works, wide ranges of meters were used. Ovid believed that love can transform or change us, be it in good or bad way. Most of his works were about love and transformations and one of it is the popular book Metamorphoses that includes the story of Pygmalion and the Statue (“Literature of Ancient Rome”, n.d). This paper aims to discuss how art, love and transformation reflect the Classical period. Art during the classical period was evident in Rome (“Classical period”, n.d). Although Rome was artistically influenced by Greeks, Romans originally invented the idea of realistic portrait sculptures. Roman sculptures were more detailed because wax death masks were often used for sculpting. Architecture was one of the greatest innovations of Romans. Nonetheless, paintings and sculpting were greatly exercised. Especially when Augustus ordered that monuments that proves the glory, influence and power of Rome should be build, and thus sculpting idealized bodies and poses were made (Freeman, 2011). Pygmalion the main character in the story Pygmalion and the Statute is a sculptor. During the said period sculpting god and goddesses was evident; perhaps people do that for self expression, livelihood, to unwind or to spend their free time. For Pygmalion he created a statue for it was his hobby. The sculptures made in this period were also the model of spiritual and physical perfection and most of the time sculptures of gods are being made. In the other hand Pygmalion made an ivory maid. During the classical period myths were the basis of religion. Romans...
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