Hum/205 Week 3 Assignment: Classical Societies Essay

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Classical Societies Essay
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Classical Greece
The artwork I chose for the Classical Greece period is the Erechtheion, an architectural building interestingly using six maidens as support columns. Through studies of the architectural history of this piece, Michael Lahanas suggests that the temple was constructed as “a complex design that supposed to represent the legendary contest between Poseidon and Athena for guardianship of the city of Athens” (Lahanas). The relationship between the art and the culture of the related civilization depicts through its purpose as a temple. Some articles suggest that the temple was a place where worship occurred for both Poseidon and Athena; the structure survives and reminds of the religious history by Athenians, in Classical Greece. This genre of art influenced the culture of that civilization by providing space for religious beliefs to grow and continue; the culture influenced that genre of art through their religious practices and beliefs. Hellenistic Greece

The art for the Hellenistic Greece period that I selected is “Lysippos, Apoxyomenos (The Scraper),” (Benton, DiYanni, 2008, p. 77); originally a bronze sculpture and replicated in marble reveals the competitive nature and strife to succeed with greatness. The Scraper represents the relationship between art and culture of Hellenistic Greece by capturing how the civilizations interest became more individualistic rather than basing on the successes of the whole civilization. The art would have influenced the culture of that civilization by stimulating others to focus more to make higher individual achievements. The culture influenced that genre of art by the focus they placed and capturing the portrayal of individual strengths. Etruscan civilization

The art piece “Wife and Husband Sarcophagus, from Cerveteri,” (Benton, DiYanni, p. 99) is a terra cotta sculpture revealing the happy, healthy nature of a deceased...
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