Dimensioning & Angles of Drawing

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What is an isometric Drawing?
An isometric drawing is a view of an object that shows the 3 views of an object, they may be; side view, front view and top view. The picture to the left is an example of an isometric drawing, is a cube and has a top view, a right front view and a left front view.

What is an Orthographic drawing?
An orthographic drawing show all the sides to an object as an individual, whereas the isometric shows the sides still connected to the shape the orthographic drawing shows it off the object so you can see the full views.

What is Dimensioning?
Dimensioning is showing the measurement made to a shape or object.

Parallel Dimensioning-
Parallel dimensioning consists of several dimension lines originating from one projection line. The picture on the left is an example of parallel dimensioning. Notice how on the left the dimension lines all meet on the same line.

Dimensioning Angles-
Angled surface may be dimensioned using coordinate method to specify the two location distances of the angle. Angled surfaces may also be dimensioned using the angular method by specifying one location distance and the angle.

This is an example I have made to show how an object that is isometric and orthographic drawn. The object on the left is an isometric drawn object; it shows the front view, the side view and the front view, but all one the one shape. And on the right is an orthographic drawing of the object, Notice the object isn’t joined, that is because an orthographic drawing shows all sides of the object to make better sense of how the object is shaped.


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