Dilemma at Devil's Den

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Executive summary
The Devils’ Den case study deals with work ethics, corporate values and cultures and personal value system. It points out the inefficiencies of the working organization and provides solutions and recommendations for the company in order to be more profitable, efficient and effective, and reduce their profit losses. ?

Table of contents

Situational Analysis of the Case 5
Issue 1. Lack of vision and mission statement 5
Issue 2. Workforce Planning7
Issue 3. Developing the high work ethics and strong work culture8 Susan’s Action Plan 9
Bibliography 10

Dilemma at Devil's Den
Susan is a business student with a concentration in finance at Mt. Eagle College, who works part-time at an on campus snack bar, The Devil’s Den, which is managed by an external company, College Food Services (CFS). The employees that are involved in a problem are those who worked the night shifts and on the weekends, who are the college students under the supervision of a student manager. The staff consisted of 30 student employees and 6 student managers. There was a full-time manager employed by the College Food Services, working during the day to supervise the Devil’s Den. Student managers that work at the Den were chosen by the CFS day manager and other student managers from the previous employees and didn’t receive any formal training or written rules beyond what they had learned by working there. After working for a semester at Devil’s Den Susan noticed that employees were giving away free food to their friends as long as they were taking large quantities themselves when leaving their shifts, which was against the snack bar’s policies. So basically, the food could have been stolen by the employees and customers at any time. Susan determines the reasons for this kind of situation as following: the employee’s wages were low, the access to unlock storage room door was too easy, inventory was very poorly controlled, the supervision by student managers was very weak and there was no any strict guidelines. This situation hasn’t been noticed by management and there were no actions taken in order to prevent the theft and significant loss. None of the employees were punished or lost their jobs. Susan wanted to become a student manager in the next semester and she wanted to change the situation in the bar, but she wasn’t sure if the management would do anything about it as well as talking to the student employees wouldn’t change the situation and she didn’t want to create any negative waves that would prevent from becoming a student manager.

Situational Analysis of the Case
The Devil’s Den case regards the situation where the working organization lacks the rewards and punishment system, efficiency of the working process, values and work ethics. Susan is faced with the dilemma, because she is an ethical and moral person and she feels uncomfortable in the current situation existing in the company, but at the same time she is scared of saying something to the management and as a result loses her job or an opportunity to promote. While the intensions of Susan are good, she is not sure what would be the most effective way to solve the current problems by keeping the position and being able to promote in the next semester. Issue 1. Lack of vision and mission statement

The management has not established the vision and mission statement for the Devil’s Den snack bar, as a result the employees and management of the company does not have a clear vision of where the company is going. Mission and vision statement are the foundations of a business strategy. 1.Vision statement

Wikipedia.org defined the vision statement as follows: vision statement outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be (an "idealized" view of the world). It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration....
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