Dilemma at Devils Den

Topics: Management, Leadership, Employment Pages: 3 (1330 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Susan was working at a snack bar, called The Devil’s Den. At the time she was there she realized that there were some difficulties of the employees doing their job right, such as thefts that were going on for a long time now. Something else that bothered Susan was that no one paid attention of the behavior of the night shift employees. Devil’s Den had a contract with the College Food Service (CFS). The employees from the snack bar took advantage of this situation and they got too loose. They took food after their shift and gave to their friends these freebies to. Susan’s colleagues took large quantities of freebies but no one ever checked the storage. The storage room was unlocked all the time and all employees had free access to the food. Customers seemed to know what was going on. This fact was affective on the Devil’s Den image. Students- managers were not responsible at their shift and for the right supervision. Even the theft of the register didn’t seem to be a threat of a job loss to the employee or to the others. The night shift was doing nothing, so the morning shift was obliged to do all the night closing duties in the morning. That was surely unfair for these employees and Susan knew. The manager was very loose with the employees and he didn’t pay attention to any problem that was taken place in the bar on his shift.

Referring to the strategy execution of the management team, we have to say that is poorly structured and they have failed to make a team with an experience background and technical skills. Because of the low wages, the personnel that they choose are students who can work inconvenient hours without saying anything. The current management is older student employees. That means that no one has the experience or the specific strategy that the snack-bar needs. There are no rules and strict guidelines. Employees cannot from their own have boundaries. When they don’t have the appropriate supervision and they can do whatever they want, it’s...
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