Dignity Analysis

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FN0361 Assignment
Dignity plc.
By Dan Wang
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Administer: Karen Boyd
Part A Word Count: 1826
Part B Word Count: 1374
Part A: Dignity plc. Investment Report
Part B: Dignity plc. Communication Analysis

Company Information2
Strategies and Beliefs3
Part A: Investment Report4
1. How is Dignity’s performance? (Income Statement Analysis)4 1.2 Revenue Analysis5
1.3 Operating Profitability Margin and Gross Margin6
2.1.1 Liability Supports (Cash Cycle and Interest Cover Indication)10 3. Shares Performance11
3.1 EPS Analysis12
3.2 How is the Dignity’s future: P/E and PEG12
4. Conclusion and Suggestions13
Introduction of Part B14
5.Part B Communication Skill14
5.1 Language15
5.2 Graph17
5.3 Color20
6. Conclusion and Assessment21
7. Reference List22

Company Information
Dignity plc. is one of flagship professional companies in United Kingdom funeral industry. Their business comprises three parts: funeral service, crematoria and pre-arranged funeral plans. (Dignity plc. 2011) In 2004, the group went public and started a new journey of development, and every year, company builds detailed financial statement to enclosure performance in this financial year.

Compared with Co-operative (CWS Ltd) group, which is organized by series of different businesses (Co-operative Group Limited Subsidiary Company/Organizations, 2011), Dignity runs its business in more independent and professional way, and CWS Ltd did not provide dependent financial statement. Furthermore, the market is fragmental, and other competitors exist as family directors, or united into the integrative competences, so Dignity should possess much more advantages than their competitors. (UK Funerals On-line, 2011)

Strategies and Beliefs
Dignity plc. believes in their business is established to help people through one of the most difficult times in their lives with their compassion, respect, openness and care. In addition, they want to build its brand so that everyone knows they can trust in their tome of need. According to these believes, company has built its consistent strategies from 2006 to 2010 fiscal year: 1. Operating the traditional market to achieve the organic revenue growth (Competences: 1. Accumulated reputation; 2. Recommendations from the continued commitment to excellent service for clients.); 2. Continuing to control operating costs;

3. Expand the market that runs by the company (1. Selective acquisition of additional funeral locations; 2. Developing, managing or acquiring additional possible crematoria); 4. Attract partners to join the pre-arranged funeral plans by national marketing; (Dignity plc. 2011)

To be mentioned, Dignity built their strategy coherently. In each fiscal year, the group tried to reach and enhanced the same strategy.

Part A: Investment Report
1. How is Dignity’s performance? (Income Statement Analysis) Dignity presents a very normal and regular performance, overall, and it has a stable growth rate in terms of business operation, profit margin and interest cover.

1.1 General Profitability Analysis
Generally, the business of Dignity presents a consistent development with stable rates in the last five years. Here is a figure below to illustrate the Dignity’s turnover and operating profit:

Dignity’s business operation contributed mainly to their revenue increase in the last five years. The group has focused on acquiring new funeral locations and crematoria and developing the pre-arrange funeral plan. The following aspect would analyze the segment analysis, how did the business be operated in details. 1.2 Revenue Analysis

Dignity’s stable financial performance directly results from its business operation. Each of them has different increase rate shown below:

| Funeral Service| Crematoria| Pre-arrange Funeral Plan| Total| 2009| 138.5| 34.4| 11.8| 184.7|
2010| 143.3| 37.5| 18.3| 199.1|
Increase Rate...
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