Ethics Analysis Paper

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Running Head: Ethics Analysis Paper

Ethics Analysis Paper
Jennifer Prescott
Liberty University

Today there is a great deal of emphasis placed on ethical behavior and its impact on the counseling relationship. As a counselor our first job is to do no harm. As responsible practitioners we must follow a code of ethics in order to best serve our clients and our mission to do no harm. This research has shown how the ethical systems are influenced by the world views, beliefs, and values of the organizations that create them. In this paper the ethics code of the ACA and the ethics code of the AACC were evaluated, compared and contrasted. The choice of the ethic code a practitioner will follow impacts their counseling practice greatly. The purpose of this paper was to compare and contrast the varying ethical systems f the ACA and the AACC and explain why they differ. What was found during the research and writing of this paper was an overwhelming amount of research supporting the idea that the ethics codes differed due to the worldview of the organization that authored them.

Ethics Analysis Paper
There are many factors that one must consider when processing and choosing a code of ethics to follow. The AACC and the AAC both provide ethical codes of conduct for the practitioner. As a Christian counselor there are many things that directly impact our ethical decisions. Our Christian world view, our epistemology, and value systems have a direct impact in which ethical code we will choose and apply to our practice. Christian Worldview

A world view is how a person you perceives the world,tyheir your actions in the world, and their your understanding of the world. Christian counselors have a Christian world view and believe that all truths are Gods truths. Our worldview, our beliefs, has a direct impact on how we counsel others and our ethical system. Our personal belief on the nature of knowleged,?? our epistemology, also dictates our actions, our ethics and understanding of the world. As a Christian counselor one believes in revelation, Gods act of revealing himself or his truth to people as the most important source of knowledge. It is the source that encompasses and envelopes all the other sources through (thru is not a word)thru Gods revelation in his word, his works, our personal experiences, our reasoning, and our empirical sources his truths are revealed to us. All truth is Gods truth and we must be open to this truth in all of our life experiences. One’s attempt to discover what is real or true is clouded by our world views, our epistemology, our fallen sinful nature and the interpretation of the facts and knowledge will be flawed as a result. Thankfully there are ethical systems in place to help guide us in our service. Value Systems

Value systems help one decide what is right and wrong. These value systems are based on personal world view and epistemology. They directly shape our ethics, morals, and values. For Christian counselors, Gods word provides the foundation of what is believed to be right and wrong. It is the responsibility of Christian counselors not to allow their personal presuppositions affect the clients. It is their responsibility to assist their clients with identifying their own world view and value system by providing solidarity, listening, looking for faulty thinking, confronting faulty thinking, and assisting in creating an environment that promotes positive change and personal growth. Our Christian world view, our epistemology, and our value systems directly impact our ethical system and therefore the standard by which we practice and which ethical system we choose to follow. Code of Ethics for professional counselors

It is of the utmost important to have ethical standards as a Christian counselor. It is the responsibility of the Christian counselor to create an environment of hospitality; a safe...
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