Digital Nation Essay

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Jasper Moore
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Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier

Is technology moving faster than what we can handle? That is the question most people are asking in our current generation. The age of the World Wide Web changed a single generation into the now wired world of modern culture. In this essay I will discuss the ways in which multitasking is contributing to the focus of society. Also the ethical concerns of technology shaping our culture and our dependence upon it. As well as the question of schools making online ethics a necessary part of the curriculum. Lastly I will speak on how a lot of the ideas presented in Digital nation relate to civil society and rhetoric.

To start off Multitasking is contributing to the way students are attending class. There used to be a time where no cell phones where allowed or laptops. Now students take notes, research, and read summaries of books for homework assignments using technology. Mainly students are focused on too many things at once which limits how students retain information in class. It was found in studies that when students are multitasking they are slower when switching to other tasks compared to sticking with one task. Even though a lot of students believe they are more effective by taking more than one task at a time studies prove it is actually more distracting. Not only are we slower but technology also disengages us from the real world in some cases. Kids are playing games for hours day by day either online or with a game console. No longer do we see children outside playing games only at home online are they engaged with others. Even the communication of our youth is limited; parents have difficulty talking to their children because of the constant game play. In certain countries even in the U.S. there are places where kids can play games online all day. Children have even died because of the constant game play during tournaments without water...
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