Digital Divide

Topics: Internet, Wi-Fi, Laptop Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The phrase digital divide is when people are not being able to afford new technologies, and becoming outdated on technology. It is also known to be the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not. “The poor and the working class — either cannot afford access or use restricted wireless access as their only connection to the Internet.”(Crawford) All aspects of life becoming available online pose a problem that millions are going to be left behind. In the present time the internet has become prominent within the United States. You can get a job, shop, pay your bills, and even get an education. "Right now, only 58 percent of Philadelphia residents can use the Internet—with wide differences between middle-class and lower income areas of the city.”(Crawford) If only 58 percent of Philadelphia resident can use the internet, then there are many Philadelphia residents missing out on opportunities. The United States is going through a huge technological advancement. Soon job interviews are going to be held online. By doing everything online it will save companies valuable money and time. The prices are so high because of the lack of competition in the industry. There are a lot of large companies but they all are spread around the country evenly. Each city is usually controlled by a few wireless companies. Philadelphia started a program that I believe can help this problem. They are picking up a bill for poor families to get a free laptop and one free year of internet access. This would get the community of Philadelphia more involved with technology and possibly kill the digital divide. It would allow them to see how important the internet really is. The book states that the digital divide problem is shrinking due to the price falls of laptops. The new technological advancements are how smart phones allow customers to surf the web without WIFI. Another positive toward narrowing the digital divide gap is that more schools and libraries are...
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