The Wicked Problem of Digital Revolution and Digital Divide

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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The digital revolution has changed people’s life deeply through the invention of the computer and the revolution of the communication technology. However, the revolution can also be regarded as the wicked problem from certain aspects.

The digital revolution has mainly three properties of the wicked problem. The digital revolution has no stopping rule (Camillus 2008). Since the digital revolution represents the third industry revolution in the history, people are very dependent on the digital products such as the internet and advance it because the digital revolution has played such an important role in people’s life. Take the Web e-commerce intermediaries as an example, the e-commerce intermediary connects the clients and the providers through the internet because it is very convenient, many transactions like the purchase of goods are accomplished on the internet (Perset 2012). Since the digital revolution cannot be replaced and benefits much at present, the search for it will never stop. In addition, there is no doubt that the digital revolution is unique. The digital revolution can be seen as a process of the development of the society. It is the revolution which is behind the mechanical and electronic technology. Since then, human began to use a new tool called the internet and many new communication ways are created to change people’s life. This is the experience that people never meet before because of the development of the science, so the digital revolution is unique. Finally, the organizations now all need to utilize the digital tools in order to increase the efficiency. If not, they may lose the business opportunities. However, the employees may use the digital devices to for personal use such as the computer games or personal email, which are easy to be found. Such non-work related activities have several adversely influences. On one hand, the fact that people’s personal action can be easily monitored means that they have difficulty to keep their...