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Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Camera, Marketing Pages: 13 (4259 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Situation Analysis3
Market Summary3
Market Demographics4
Market Needs5
Market Trends7
SWOT Analysis8
Product Offering10
Key to Success10
Critical Issues11
Marketing Strategy12
Marketing Objectives13
Financial Objectives13
Target Markets14
Marketing Mix15
Marketing Research16
Marketing Organization17

Executive Summary
This report is going to be about the newly introduced camera Nikon S800c, that is supported by the Android OS and the image sharing is too easy and fast as compared to other cameras. This product is design for the professionals but the price range is bit higher as compared to the smart phones that support the Android OS. Samsung is running up in the competition and introduced the phone with some more features but the only thing is price that is unbearable in it. Marketing mix, SWOT analysis and other analysis are also been conducted in this whole report to boost the sales of the camera as well as the name of the brand should be recognized by the consumers. Introducing the first COOLPIX that's also an Android™ smart device. All the imaging power of a Nikon—superior optics, telephoto zooming, a high resolution image sensor and much more, meets the endless possibilities of the Android™ OS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Create exceptional photos and Full HD videos, then edit, style and share them easier and faster than ever before.

Situation Analysis
Nikon is introducing a digital camera, Supernova, which has built in Wi-Fi service in it. The android camera will offer high quality pictures with a megapixel of 19.2. The basic market need is to offer such a camera, which can send your pictures directly to your desired social network, just like android and iPhone, but, with a high quality. Now, you will be able to directly send your pictures to face book, twitter or any other social network site without the burden of first transferring your pictures in your laptop, with the best quality you ever had.

Market Summary
Supernova has narrowed down the market in to 3 major segments: the camera enthusiast, the amateur social-elite, and the“techies”. These are the target groups that the Supernova is most likely to acquire sales from. The camera enthusiast segment includes people who understand the basics of photographic principles (lighting, exposure, etc.), and consider photography a hobby. They are between the ages of 20 and 40. This group is willing to spend a little more money to add a novelty camera to their collection. Often they are not willing to pay full price for professional equipment as this is not what they need in a camera for their tasks. The second targeted group is the amateur photographer. This group loves taking pictures, but like the camera enthusiast, does not need a professional output of photos. They are looking to take quality pictures without the hassle of major editing and difficult uploading. This group is similar to the camera enthusiast and shares the same basic photography knowledge, but what distinguishes them is they are between the ages of 16 and 64 and use photography more socially. They want good images that they easily edit and upload to social networks quickly. Nikon has designed the first professional digital camera with a built in Wi-Fi in it. The camera’s software comes with features allowing users to quickly upload all of their favorite photos attracting the techies. As reported in 2010, Face book is now over 600 million users. This data represents the growing interest in social networking in today’s societywhich is good for Nikon who is targeting this market heavily. With these targeted Face book users there is a large market for potential Supernova customers. The techies group is not necessarily photographically...
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