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PART 1- Project objectives and overall research approach
The topic that I have choosen for this research and analysis project is an analysis and evaluation of business performance and financial performance of an organization over the three years periods. The company that I have choosen for this topic is Digi.com Berhad. Digi.com Berhad incorporated on March 28, 1997,With a history of product and services innovation. It provides mobile voice, Internet and broadband service for the Malaysian Market.

1.1 Reasons for choosing the topic

1.1.1 Easy access to the information

All the public listed company in Malaysia need to publish the annual report and the annual general meeting to the public. Hence, all the secondary data would be easy to access through the Bursa Malaysia website, the company own website, newspaper,magazines,etc..

1.1.2 Familiarity and Interested

I found this topic is related to the ACCA F9 paper and I was familiar and keen on this topic . Furthermore, I believe that I will know more and understand about the information business and financial performance in the after undergo doing in depth research and analysis project.

1.2 Reasons for choosing Digi.com Berhad

1.2.1 High growth.

Since 2006, it has steadily grown by their own customer base by 66 % to clost to 9 million customers today. Within 3 years of launching 3G broadband and internet service, it has reached 50% population coverage and made their services available in all key market centres nationwide. To date, it has 4.6 million customers actively using their mobile internet and broadband services in daily basis .

1.2.2 Awards Winnings

Digi.com Berhad has been granted a lots of awards since it incorporation. For instance :KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2011,Asian Sustainability Ranking 2010, Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brand Award 2009 ,etc.

1.3 Project objective and research questions

1.3.3 Project objective

* To analyse and evaluate the financial performance of Digi.com Berhad over a three years period (2009-2011) by applying relevant financial ratio.

* To analyse and evaluate the business performance of Digi.com Berhad by applying porter five forces model. .

* To compare and contrast the business performance and financial performance of the Digi.com Berhad with other Companies within the industry area. .

1.3.4 Research question

* Compare the company against its Competitors and explain why our company perform better or poorer? * What is the trend of the company and how is the trend likely to impact on the future strategies of the company? * Why Digi.com Berhad has a high or low bargaining power compare to it suppliers and customers ? * What is the Substitute Product of the Digi.com Berhad has produced and how does the company prevent this happen? * How does Digi.com Berhad perform better in future?

1.3 Overall research approach

PART 2- Information gathering and accounting /business techniques

* Sources of information

* Primary data sources

Primary data means the data which is collected or observed directly from first-hand experience. For instance , questionnaires from related person, interviews in market research or direct observations and experiment in the physical sciences.

The primary data would not been use in this research and analysis project because it is costly, time consuming and it have a very limited scope to do the survey for this topic. The main reason not using the primary data is because the secondary data is more adequate for the research and analysis project.

* Secondary data sources

Secondary data means the data collected and published data in the past or from third party. The secondary data can be collected from the company own website, stock...
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