Difficult Childhood

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Difficult Childhood
After reading “The Sanctuary of School” by Linda Barry I figured out that we share some similar life experiences. Our similar experiences include growing up in poor families, crowded households, and positive educators that shaped our lives. At the same time, there are many differences in our background. She grew up in an urban place, and I grew up in a rural area. Linda’s childhood was very unhappy while mine was happy. She was neglected and I was well taken care of as a child. She also overcame all obstacles to her success in education, while I could not obtain an education because of the absence of an educational institution.

To begin with, we both grew up in poor families. When Linda Berry was a child her parents were going through economic problems. Her parents used to argue because they were having a difficult time financially. My parents also used to argue because of money. My dad was “self-employed.” He farmed a small plot of land and harvested what he planted once a year. Another way to get some money was selling cattle. He used to do that when the situation became difficult. Throughout the year, there were very few times when he would be able to get some money; when he did, he would go to the city to buy some food and he would spend the rest of money with his friends having fun, mainly drinking alcohol. Despite this similarity, our lives were different somehow. Linda grew up in an urban area where she had electricity. She was able to watch television at night. As she described it, “We slept on the couch, something that we actually liked because it put us that much closer to the light of our lives, our television.” On the other hand, I grew up in a rural place that did not have electricity. I was eighteen years old when I watched television for the first time. It was while I was visiting the city with my grandmother. I was very fascinated with it. I could not believe my eyes.

Another similarity that we have is that we both...
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