The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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The Other Wes Moore Analytical Analysis
The book “The Other Wes Moore” tells the story of two boys living in Baltimore who shares similar backgrounds within the same community, as well as having identical names as well. The Author Wes Moore came from a family that was well educated and graduated from 4 year colleges. The other Wes Moore’s mother had an associate’s degree but had to drop out of college due to the lack of government funding. The difference in education in each Wes Moore’s family showed them each how they should obtain success in a way. The Author Wes Moore displayed in the book that education was the key to all future success and without it you there wasn’t much to life. Educational funding from the government is great but The Author showed that there should always be a backup plan in case the funding runs out. In the book it wasn’t luck that determined the fates in each Wes’s life but a matter of education in each one’s life that made them who they are today. Education is a very important part of future success as seen in the life of the Author Wes Moore. His mother cared about her kid’s education and future so she made a sacrifice and placed her kids into private school because that’s where she attended school and it was known for a better performance level .The Author Wes Moore’s mother wanted her kids to have a great education like she had so they could be successful in life .She made many hard decisions such as sending The Author off to military school only in hopes for him to have a better future and get on the correct track for life. The Author Wes Moore saw that education was important from his parents and he turned out to be a successful person today. The Other Wes Moore had a lack of family education cause his mom dropped out of college cause governmental funding ran out and she didn’t have a backup plan. It just showed him that you have to make money the best way you can to get what you wanted an education wasn’t really needed to get...
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