Creating an at Risk Program

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Creating an At-Risk Program

Rebecca Chronister


August 7, 2011
Terry Stuart

Creating an At-Risk Program

Family instability along with poverty effects many students today in America, and it is detrimental that the students that are affected by these aspects of life should be given every opportunity to succeed in life. There are many ways to identify these students so that school faculty can assist each child with a chance to succeed. The Building effective schools program has been designed to assist each student with receiving the things that they are in need of, along with reaching out to their families to allow them to have a different outlook on school and receiving an education. The Building Effective Schools program with also allow social resources to be made available to the students and parents that are within the community so that the students can have a greater chance for success.

In order to have students in the program the students that qualify must first be identified. Faculty of each school will be required to get to know each student on a personal level so that they are able to make a connection with the students. The teachers of each student can help identify the potential students by asking indirect questions to the students and by observing lack of parental involvement. Students that have no place to go after school or are able to verbally tell a faculty member that their family is unstable will also help determine the students situation. Poverty plays an important role in this as well because many parents that are single and only have one income are more likely to be financially unstable. Students that come from these types of backgrounds may not have many clothes or clothes that are in decent condition as well as the students not having good hygiene or come to school without a lunch.

The program would allow each student have a better daily quality of life by allowing the students be more...
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