Different Types of Advertisements

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Members belonging to specific market are persuaded by advertisement for taking some type of action like purchasing a service or product. There present are numerous ways for spreading the messages through advertisement.

Different types of advertisements are as follows:

1. Advertisement through Television – Commercial ads telecasted on television has been said as popular manner for mass-marketing messages to many audiences. This form of advertisement, although, is capable of reaching to large number of buyers but at the same it is that method which costs higher than other types of advertisement. Another type of advertisement through television is known as infomercials. It is not like commercial as its duration is more and it includes a little more information about the product.

2. Advertisements through Radio – Commercials through the radio are the most effective advertisement way, especially for the businesses for targeting those people having same preferences.

3. Advertisements through Print – Newspaper and magazine commercial are one more way for spreading news about the service or product. Print advertisements also fetch ability for targeting particular buyers based upon common preference or geography. This type of advertising generally comprises of huge display-ads and classified-ads. The classified advertising typically is very much affordable and the display-ads typically are slightly more expensive.

4. Advertisements through Internet – Advertisements done via internet are an increasingly famous method to promote any business. Internet advertisements are of many types. The ads which are displayed on the web-pages are called as banner-ads. A person can even search for a product on Google search. Online advertising's fastest growing type is social-network-marketing. Social networking sites include sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twiter for promoting a service or product.

5. Advertisements via Billboard – This type of advertisement is...
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