Differences Between Wealthy and Poor

Topics: American middle class, Poverty, Wealth Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Money, it's something we struggle to live without. The less we ahve the more we want, the more we have the more we want, the more we have the more we spend. It's a vicious cycle. But imagine not having the money to buy food; imagine watching your children go hungry every night. Twenty-four thousand people die from hunger or hunger related diseases. For many, this hits close to home; working for little pay, struggling week to week, wondering if they will have enough to buy groceries or if they will go hungry once again. Many people either don't seem to realize or just not care that millions of people are still slaves in this world. Sixty to eighty million people, today, work for no pay; in exchange they recieve food and shelter. Slave owners once had the responsibility to provide food and shelter to maintain workforce. Today, they simply drive to the outskirts of town, pick up willing workers, and drop them back off at town, and get paid $6.50 a day. Try feeding a family on that sort of income. The working poor do all they can to survive but it is never enough; unable to pay bills, buy food, provide medicine, these people die one by one. Imagine having to sit in the emergency room, waiting for your loved ones to raise money for you to get the proper care you need. One out of three people die waiting. What we take for granted, many people are unfortunate to have.

Let's look at Mitt Romney; govenor of Massachussets and the man running for president. He makes between $9,592,421 and $43,093,712; and last year he paid only 14 percent in taxes, while others pay between 20-30 percent. According to Romney, this is fair because it helps economic growth. I don't think he understands the math to people making less and paying more to people making more and paying less. He inherited most of his money and has no idea what it is like to work at an actual job. I don't think he would know what to do if he were to lose his money. I believe the people who have worked themselves...
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