Summary of the 2nd Presidential Debate

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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The second presidential debate was held at Hofstra University with Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney answering questions posed by voters. It was held by Candy Crowley, the chief political journalist for CNN. Voters at the debated asked about citizens being able to get jobs and continuing unemployment. Obama states that he wants a control alternative energy for the future. Give tax cuts for those who invest in U.S. jobs. Romney points out his 5-point plan: Energy independence, more trade, training, a balanced budget, and championing small businesses, which will create 12 million jobs. But Obama rebuttal on Romney’s 5-point plan stating that Romney's 5-point plan is just a 1-point plan make sure those at the top keep getting tax breaks. Another strong question that was brought up was how would “you” keeping Tax Deductions for the middle class? Romney explains the middle income taxpayer will have no taxes on dividends, interest and capital gains if you make $200,000 or less. Obama explains that the middle class has trouble over the past ten years, but “we” have cut taxes on middle class $3,800 and on small businesses 18 times. One important question from the voters was what have “you” done to earn my vote in 2012? Obama states he did cut taxes for small businesses, ending the war in Iraq, going after Bin Laden, and finally put through Obamacare; created 5 million jobs. As he’s planning for more industrialized jobs, education, using savings from ending wars to rebuild America. Romney counteracts Obama’s ideals for earning the voter’s vote by stating he cut deficit in half and it has doubled. He said the middle class will have their health insurance premiums lowered by $5,400; instead it has doubled since the last,” and will double again under Obamacare.”Another question was how would “you” do to bring jobs back in the U.S.? Romney states he wants for China to raise the value of their currency as “China a currency...
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