Differences between IFrame and FBML

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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Difference between IFrame and FBML

1. FBML (FaceBook Markup Language). It is a FaceBook server in built scripts provide by FaceBook itself. 2. FBML uses it own tags (formats) to interact with the facebook server manipulations such as a. Getting Friends List,

b. Prompting for Free Gifts,
c. Publishing stories to the Friends Wall,
d. Calling Neighbor Request
e. Accessing Facebook cash payment process etc.
3. When a request is made by the user in the application, then the application calls the appropriate FBML tags to process the request. The FBML tag decides what type of request and accordingly it further transfer the request either to Facebook server or application host server. The application host server process the data manipulating and storage process. The Facebook server processes the above mentioned works. When using FBML tags, one advantage is the rendering of our application is considered as facebook page itself. 4. Using FBML performance of the applications is fast compared to the IFrame. 5. Work Flow



1. IFrame is function as like normal in HTML page.
2. Using IFrame, we can host the applications in our own domain server and also in the facebook server. 3. When user request a process, then the application communicate to the Host server to further process and response to the application directly without face book server help. That means all the API’s are placed in the server side not in the client side (application.swf/ html page/Javascript). So it is configurable whenever we need. The server load is increasing when large number of users accessed the application. 4. Only when facebook details are required then the host server api request the facebook server to get the particular details. 5. Work Flow

Facebook page



Host server



Host server

Facebook server...
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